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Hyde Park in the UK, London resort

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Hyde Park, perhaps one of the most famous London parks. It represents a great green area with an area of one and a half square kilometers, located in the central part of the city.

The park owes its appearance to Henry VIII, who confiscated an entire property from Westminster Abbey and organized a place there for hunting. In the 17th century, Hyde Park was opened to the public. Soon the Rotten park road The Row has become a popular destination for the promenade among the aristocracy. IN In the 18th century, the park has its own reservoir for its tortuosity called the Serpentine. Swimming is allowed in the lake.

Modern Hyde Park is very popular with Londoners as a place recreation. People come here to enjoy the scenery, ride a horse, play bowling or tennis, rollerblading, biking and, of course, listening to the speakers. The park has gained worldwide fame as a place where it is allowed freely speak up and proclaim their ideas. The speakers' corner is an impromptu tribune where anyone can speak. Here various mass events, parades, demonstrations, concerts, fireworks are held etc.

Hyde Park is also distinguished by the fact that on its lawns you can walk. Old plane trees, elms and oaks will shelter those who want to hide from the summer heat.

In addition to walking, in the park, you can see the Duke's Museum Wellington, located at Apsley House. To the duke who became famous in the battle with Napoleon, also dedicated an arch and a statue of Achilles - the first sculpture in London, depicting nude. It also houses the Serpentine Gallery, where the works of masters of the 20th and 21st centuries are located.

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Topic: Hyde Park in the UK, London resort.Hyde Park in the UK, London resort

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