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Waterstroke in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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Waterstroke is the name of one interesting place located in Indonesia, Bali, on the territory of one of the most expensive and fashionable resort areas of the island called Nusa Dua. The Nusa Dua resort is a kind of glossy paradise, as if descended from the pages of a fashion magazine about the luxurious life of millionaires: five-star hotels with perfectly trimmed lawns in the courtyard, expensive boutiques, police cordons around the perimeter. In short, Nusa Dua is not much different from the privileged recreation areas that exist in many countries, living off the tourism business, but the somewhat polished and boring resort still has a place that attracts an impressive number of tourists, and this place is Waterstroke.

That you are on the right path that will lead you to the sights, reports a tablet located on the gate laid out of stone. There is a path from the gate to the rocky sea shore, from which (say, running ahead) it is better not to go. The Water Blow itself is a loop-shaped excavation in the rocks with a cave formed over the centuries by the surf. The shape of the loop is such that the water, rolling onto the shore, seems to fall into a trap, after which, forming a fountain, it rises upward with a terrible roar and falls on the rocks. This phenomenon reaches its greatest strength in August, and at this time it is better to observe the miracle of nature from afar. The force of the wave is such that it can, in the blink of an eye, wash away a gaping tourist into the ocean. In order to make sure that the danger of Water Blow is quite real, you should simply look at your feet. The pitted and sea-eaten breed is an impressive sight. / p>
In the rest of the months, the Waterstroke does not pose a particular danger, although it is capable of completely unexpectedly wetting some unlucky traveler who decides to observe the wave from close range to the skin. Waterstroke is one of the most popular places in the area, which is visited every day by about a hundred tourists, many of whom are trying to get closer and capture the rampage of the elements with a camera.

By the way, next to Waterstroke there is a small park, once laid out in honor of the international symposium. Interestingly, as a sign of goodwill, the representative of each of the participating countries planted a tree in the park. The favorite pastime of tourists after visiting Waterstroke is to relax in the park and search for their native tree.

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Topic: Waterstroke in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Waterstroke in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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