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St George's Hall in the UK, Liverpool resort

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ImageSt George's Hall is a concert and exhibition center in Liverpool, one of the most beautiful and famous buildings in the city. Here Charles Dickens presented his works to the public, and the Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr once performed on the roof of the building. The history of the building began with a public rally in 1836, where signatures were collected for the construction of a single universal cultural center in Liverpool. In 1838, a young London-based architect Harvey Lonsdale Elmes, who won a design competition, designed a new cultural center and began construction work. They were completed by 1854 and the building was opened. There is a statue of Benjamin Disraeli on the stairs in front of the main entrance, inside St. George's Hall there are also many statues of various famous personalities. The building itself includes many rooms and halls with original design and interior design. All are for different purposes. In particular, Dickens arranged readings of his works in the Small Concert Room. Also in this building, for the first time in the United Kingdom, a single ventilation and heating system was created, which was a huge air conditioner, the mechanism of which included a boiler system hidden in the basement. Maintenance of this device required the efforts of a large number of workers. Four three-meter fans were connected to this system, which forced air into the premises. Between the building of St. George Hall and the Lime Street train station is the St. George Plateau, where many monuments and monuments are concentrated. Previously, this plateau served as a platform for various gatherings, popular gatherings, rallies, strikes, funeral processions and other events. In particular, mourning meetings were held on St. George Plateau on the occasion of the death of John Lennon. In 2004, the St. George Hall building and the area around it were named part of the world architectural heritage, the building was closed for restoration. In April 2007, the concert and exhibition complex was opened to the public, admission is free for visitors. In 2007, the Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr performed on the roof of the building during a performance dedicated to the declaration of Liverpool as the European Capital of Culture. ImageImageImage

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Topic: St George's Hall in the UK, Liverpool resort.St George's Hall in the UK, Liverpool resort

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