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Church of San Zaccaria in Italy, Venice resort

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The Church of San Zaccaria is located in the Castello area.

The temple was erected in the 9th century to store the relics of Saint Zecharius, which were donated by the Byzantine emperor Leo The fifth as a gift to the city. In 1105, after a strong fire, the church was completely destroyed, but was soon restored. Between 1458 and 1515 the temple underwent a series of renovations.

The facade of the cathedral is one of the finest examples of early Renaissance Venetian architecture. The construction of the church was started under the direction of the architect Antonio Gambello. Construction from the second floor was continued according to the design of the architect Caducci.

The interior layout is mainly Gothic, but with renaissance decor. The main masterpiece of the church is the painting Madonna and Child with Saints. works by Bellini, located above the second altar. When visiting the temple, Napoleon was so mesmerized by the painting that he took it with him to Paris, where it was for 20 years.

During the Middle Ages, the Doge visited the temple every year on Easter for evening prayer .

The church has two chapels – St. Athanasius and San Tarasio. In the chapel of San Tarasio there is an altar of an old temple, in a half-flooded crypt rest the remains of the Doges who ruled in IX – XII centuries. Initially, the chapel of St. Athanasius was the central part of the church, but in 1595 it was turned into a chapel.

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Topic: Church of San Zaccaria in Italy, Venice resort.Church of San Zaccaria in Italy, Venice resort

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