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African Museum in Italy, Verona Resort

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The African Museum of the City of Verona is an anthropological museum dedicated to the cultures and peoples of Africa. The museum was founded by missionaries of the Sons of the Sacred Heart of Christ. The rich collection of the museum contains more than 5 thousand items collected by members of the mission in Africa. The museum also has a film library and a library, events related to the culture and history of the 'black continent' are held.

The initiative to create the museum belongs to Francesco Sogaro – the first successor to Daniele Comboni, who founded the mission. In 1882, Francesco asked to establish a museum in Verona to Giuseppe Sembiani, who was rector of the Institute for Africa. In 1892, the first small collection was presented to visitors in the missionary home. Over time, it moved to a separate building.

Gradually, the importance of the museum increased and nowadays many Italian anthropological students conduct their scientific research here, who are allowed access not only to the direct exhibits of the museum, but also to the library, containing about 20 thousand books.

Over the entire period of its existence, the museum building has undergone a number of changes and restorations. The first restoration work was carried out here in 1978-1981, the last – on the occasion of the beatification of Daniele Comboni in 1996.

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Topic: African Museum in Italy, Verona Resort.African Museum in Italy, Verona Resort

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