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Street Proviantskaya description and photo - Russia - Volga region: Saratov

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Proviantskaya street description and photo - Russia - Volga region: Saratov

Proviantskaya street description and photos - Russia - Volga region: Saratov. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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Proviantskaya Street is one of the few streets of Saratov that have preserved their history not only in their name, but also in their architecture.

Saratov was once one of the main trading cities of the Volga region. From all districts, provisions and foodstuffs were brought to the city for further shipment of provisions along the Volga. For this purpose, next to the departure port (Proviantsky Vzvoz), warehouses were built, which over time began to grow over with small extension buildings, and later with estates and mansions.

Proviantskaya nowadays is a residential area in the noisy center of Saratov with open access to the local concrete beach (a new embankment is being built on this place now). As before, the street consists of three blocks, each of which has its own historical value.

The first attraction, if you go from the Volga embankment, is the house of the commune. In 1928, the government decided to build three houses with an unusual, two-tier apartment layout in three cities, including Saratov. M. Gunzburg's idea was brought to life by two Saratov architects: Popov and Lisogora. The house was built in the style of constructivism.

A block above is the mansion of the architect Yu.N. Terlikov, a native of Saratov. The author's house in the Art Nouveau style with a bas-relief depicting a human face could be called classically strict, if not for the round window with access to the cast-iron balcony (unfortunately lost in our time). Opposite Terlikov's house, there is a corner building with a semicircular facade, built in the late thirties. Architects: Dybova and Karpova.

In the very center of the street there is a red and yellow mansion, executed in Art Nouveau style, with beautiful Greek stucco. Unfortunately, history has not left us the name of the architect.

The next building has a sad history. This is the Seraphim's widow's house built in 1904, which is decorated with crosses on the facades of the building and arched window vaults remaining after reconstruction. In 1910, a church in honor of Titus the Wonderworker was consecrated at the house. The architect of the building is G.G. Plotnikov. After the revolution, the house was reconstructed, adding two more floors, and only a little in the facade reminds of its religious past.

The last and most beautiful sight of Proviantskaya Street is the estate of K.A. Shtaf, the son of the founder of the Saratov tobacco factory. and now - a clinic for skin diseases. The building was built in 1912-1913 in the classic German style.

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