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Isola Bella island in Italy, Sicily resort

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Isola Bella Island – an island located off the east coast of Sicily, opposite Taormina. It bears the title of pearl of the Ionian Sea for its unprecedented beauty.

At the beginning of the 19th century, King of the Two Sicilies Ferdinand was the first to transfer the ownership of the island to the city of Taormina. Further, the rights to it were bought by a certain Miss Travelyan. She built a small house on an island facing the sea and planted some exotic plants here, which turned out to be to the liking of the Mediterranean climate. Until the end of the 20th century, Isola Bella was privately owned until its former owner became impoverished and it became necessary to sell it to the authorities of Sicily. It is worth noting that in 1983, scientists focused on this island, which is now under the supervision of the World Wildlife Fund. It is home to some bird species such as kingfishers, peregrine falcons, gulls, gray herons and cormorants, as well as several species of lizards. The quite dense and lush flora of the island is full of typical Mediterranean shrubs and rare plant species brought by Miss Travelyan.

The road to Isola Bella island lies through a cascade of stairs along Strada Statale street, leading to the embankment with the peaks of the Monte Tauro mountain. From the embankment there is a narrow sandy path connecting the city with the island. The first days of autumn and spring – the best days to visit the island. On weekends, the rocky little beach is crowded with people. The sea around the island is rich in myriads of organisms, various algae, crustaceans of all sizes and colorful fish.

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Topic: Isola Bella island in Italy, Sicily resort.Isola Bella island in Italy, Sicily resort

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