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Mozart House in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Mozart House is located in the historic center of Vienna. Mozart lived in this house from 1784 to 1787. This time in the composer's life was very productive in terms of creativity. During this period, he created his most famous works, including"The Marriage of Figaro".

The composer's dwelling consisted of 4 living rooms, a large kitchen and 2 study rooms. While living in Vienna, Mozart changed many apartments, but it was in this apartment that the composer stayed longer than in any other house.

In 2006, Mozart's house was reconstructed. During the work, the restorers did everything possible to reproduce the atmosphere of the period when the great composer lived here. After the reconstruction, excursions began to be conducted on all three floors of the building, to fully show in what conditions Mozart worked and lived. The excursions are accompanied by musical accompaniment of the composer's most famous works.

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Topic: Mozart House in Austria, Vienna spa.Mozart House in Austria, Vienna spa

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