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Boccadasse in Italy, Genoa resort

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Boccadasse is the old part of the city where families of sailors live. The area is located in the east of the main seaside boulevard – Corso Italia stroll.

Until now, it is not known for certain where the district got its name from. However, it is generally accepted that the name originated from the shape of the coast, similar to a donkey's mouth – boca d ’ aze.

The area is famous for the Basilica of Sant Antonio, which until the end of the 18th century was only a chapel. During the reconstruction work carried out in 1787, this religious structure was expanded and transformed into a real church. In 1827 a bell tower was added to the church.

The area attracts tourists with its narrow beach and castle, built in 1903 on Cape Santa Chiara in imitation of the Middle Ages. In the central part of Boccadasse, there is a small beach where you can watch boats of local sailors.


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Topic: Boccadasse in Italy, Genoa resort.Boccadasse in Italy, Genoa resort

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