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Bremen Town Hall in Germany, Bremen spa

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The Bremen Town Hall, located on the Market Square in the central part of old Bremen, is one of the most significant Gothic buildings. In 2004, the Town Hall was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nowadays, the City Hall houses the City Senate.

At the beginning of the 15th century, the city authorities decided to build a new City Hall in Bremen. Construction begins in 1405 and lasts for five years. Upon completion of the construction, the Town Hall is a two-storey Gothic building with the Lower and Upper Halls. At that time, a defensive gallery and a crown of the tower were also built, which have not survived to this day.

Two centuries later, the Senate ruled, that the outward appearance of the Town Hall is quite simple, and decided to rebuild the building. Reconstruction works were carried out in 1608-1612, as a result of which the Town Hall acquired the style of the `` Weser Renaissance ''. Luder von Bentheim was appointed the author of the project. During the work, the windows were enlarged, and the central part of the Town Hall was demolished. The facade was decorated with a large number of reliefs and sculptures made in the form of fabulous animals, people and angels. The decorative elements of the facade were handled by masters of the Dutch Renaissance – Hans Vredemann de Vries, Jacob Floris and Hendrik Goltzius.

Over time, various extensions have appeared on the building. At the beginning of the 20th century, a more modern Town Hall was added to the old Town Hall building, topped with a neo-Renaissance copper roof.

During the Second World War, the Town Hall building, thanks to the dedication of the townspeople, managed to survive. The building was renovated in 2003.


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Topic: Bremen Town Hall in Germany, Bremen spa.Bremen Town Hall in Germany, Bremen spa

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