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Small Palace in France, Avignon resort

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Small Palace – a small palace listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is much more modest than the buildings erected nearby. The Small Palace was built by Cardinal Berenger F. the Elder in the period after the Great Schism (construction was completed by 1320). After the death of the founder of the palace, the palace and buildings were bought by Cardinal Arno de Via, nephew of John XXII. After his death, the palace was bought by Benedict XII, who turned the building into the official residence of the Avignon archbishop.

The palace building was damaged between 1396 and 1411, as it was considered the citadel of the Western Schism. At the end of the military confrontation, the palace began to decline. From the second half of the 15th century, Bishop Alan de Cotivi and his follower Giuliano della Rovere began restoration work, having finished which by 1503, they gave the building its original appearance. Dela Rovere added new facades (south and west) in the Italian Renaissance style and erected a tower that stood only three centuries, falling apart by 1767. In the second half of the 15th century, the palace was given a modern look: military fortifications were preserved and decorative elements corresponding to the era were introduced.

During the revolution, the palace was nationalized and sold. In the 19th century, a Catholic school was located here, later – vocational school.

After the unification of Avignon with France, the palace was sold, and since 1958 a museum of the Middle Ages has been opened here. Interestingly, the palace got its name only in order to differentiate it from the Papal Palace.

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Topic: Small Palace in France, Avignon resort.Small Palace in France, Avignon resort

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