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Palais Rohan in France, Bordeaux resort

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Rohan Palace – a palace in the center of Bordeaux, built for Archbishop Ferdinand Maximilian de Rohan in the 18th century. Today it houses the city hall. The building is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the 18th century, the city developed very rapidly, new quarters appeared in it, the appearance of the city as a whole changed. Representatives of the clergy had a hand in this. In 1771 Ferdinand-Maximilian de Rohan became bishop, and he undertook the reconstruction of the old palace.

On the reconstruction of the building I worked Boffin, one of the best architects in the city, and Purje, a famous builder. Also involved in the work was Victor Louis, the architect who designed the building Bolshoi Theater.   The construction costs were so high that de Rohan had to use his own funds. Construction work was completed by 1784. The building was slightly different from the 1770 project: on either side of the palace there are small buildings that connect the lodges with the covered gallery of the palace with columns. The facade of the main entrance to the palace is very simple in terms of architecture. The lines of the facade are clear, somewhat dry.

Since the 18th century, the palace has undergone many additions and innovations. Today, several salons and a central staircase have survived in the interior of the palace.

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Topic: Palais Rohan in France, Bordeaux resort.Palais Rohan in France, Bordeaux resort

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