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Megara Iblaya in Italy, Sicily resort

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Megara Iblaya is the ruins of an ancient Greek colony located on the east coast of Sicily, near the city of Augusta. The circumstances of the establishment of the colony were described in detail by Thucydides. The historian wrote that the immigrants from Megara arrived in Sicily and settled in the town of Trotilone. Later, they moved from there to the Thapsos peninsula, and after the death of their leader Lamsis settled in Megara Iblaya.

In 483 BC. the tyrant of Syracuse and Gela Gelon proclaimed himself ruler of Megara after a long siege. Soon he sold part of the inhabitants of Megara into slavery. After this event, the former glory and greatness of Magara was forever lost.

In 1891, archaeological excavations were carried out near Syracuse, during which a part of the city wall of Magara was discovered, which in ancient times was also used as a dam. An extensive necropolis with over 1,500 graves and storage was also discovered.


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Topic: Megara Iblaya in Italy, Sicily resort.Megara Iblaya in Italy, Sicily resort

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