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Center Pompidou in France, Paris resort

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Center Georges Pompidou – the third most visited attraction in Paris after the Eiffel Tower and Louvre. The Center is located in the 4th administrative district of Paris.

The Center bears the name of the person who initiated this very interesting institution. Georges Pompidou – Charles de Gaulle's successor, the President of France, has always had a keen interest in culture and art. In his opinion, France needed a separate institute that studies and supports absolutely all areas of contemporary art. So it appeared in 1977, after the death of the president, only according to his project, the Center for Contemporary Art.

The building has a very unusual architecture, it is quite high compared to the neighboring buildings. And at first glance it does not fit into the architectural style of Paris. For the founders of the Center, this was one of the goals – the architectural composition of glass and metal should contrast with the usual Parisian style, as did the Montparnasse Tower.

Formally, the huge building houses several organizations that together are the Center Pompidou. For example, the State Museum of Contemporary Art is located here. The exposition of the museum contains about 60 thousand paintings by artists of the XX and XXI centuries. Among the constantly exhibited works you can see paintings by Malevich, Picasso, Matisse and Dali.

Several concert and exhibition halls are located on other floors of the Center. Exhibition halls often become a place for installations by representatives of contemporary art. These exhibitions are extremely popular with Parisians. An entire floor is occupied by a library, whose books are devoted to all areas of contemporary art. The rest of the premises belong to the Institute for the Study of Music, Painting and Sculpture.
Pompidou Center

Center Pompidou

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Topic: Center Pompidou in France, Paris resort.Center Pompidou in France, Paris resort

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