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Alcantara Gorge in Italy, Sicily resort

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Alcantara Gorge is a deep crevice in cliffs and cliffs, formed as a result of repeated eruptions of Etna. The Alcantara River runs along the bottom of the gorge, reaching a length of 52 meters. The source of the river is located on the southern slopes of the Nebrodi ridge.

Earlier, a bridge was thrown across the river, which was later discovered by the Saracens. During the volcanic eruption, the river bed was blocked by lava. When lava interacted with water, it quickly cooled down, forming columns through which for centuries it tried to punch its way. Thus, this formidable and majestic gorge was formed.

Many flowers and shrubs grow in the valley. The picturesque area of the park can be viewed from the observation deck. Especially impressive is the gorge itself – bizarre basalt cliffs and numerous waterfalls will leave an unforgettable experience.


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Topic: Alcantara Gorge in Italy, Sicily resort.Alcantara Gorge in Italy, Sicily resort

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