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Perlan description and photos - Iceland: Reykjavik

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Perlan description and photo - Iceland: Reykjavik

Perlan description and photos - Iceland: Reykjavik. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Perlan.

Photo and description

Perlan means “pearl” in Icelandic. And this name is very suitable for an unusual structure, towering over Reykjavik on the top of Oskulid Hill. Perlan's story cannot fail to stun and delight. This futuristic structure, from above like a flower with six petals and a core in the form of a transparent hemispherical dome, emitting a blue glow into the night sky, is in fact a city boiler room. Each petal of the flower is a reservoir of thermal water used to heat the city. But it turns out that such a prosaic establishment can be turned into a fairy tale. For some time now it is not only a boiler house, but also a modern, high-tech cultural, entertainment and shopping center, where everyone can find entertainment to their liking.

When you enter this building, you immediately find yourself in a huge winter garden with a real geyser in the middle, the life of which is completely controlled by a computer. Exhibitions, fairs, concerts are held on the ground floor areas. Shops and cafes are located on the upper floors. On the fourth, there is an observation deck with panoramic telescopes. You can admire the city and the surrounding landscapes as long as you like. And under the very dome is a restaurant. It is all transparent and rotates. In two hours it makes a full revolution around its axis.

One of the six tanks of the boiler room is no longer filled with water. Now it houses the Saga wax museum. A total of 17 wax ancient Icelanders recreate the everyday and tragic events described in the Icelandic sagas and other chronicles. Designers and historians worked on the exhibits of the museum. All details of clothing,

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