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Leaning Tower in Italy, Pisa resort

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a bell tower that is part of the Pisa Cathedral ensemble in the city of Pisa. The tower was completed in 1360. The tower gained worldwide fame due to its inclination of approximately 3.5 °; and creates the illusion of 'falling'.

The tower has 294 steps. It reaches a height of 56.7 meters on the high side and 55.86 meters on the low side. The tower is a bell tower of a Catholic cathedral.

The tower was built in two stages, starting in 1173 and ending in 1360. The author of the project is still unknown. The building material for the first floor was white muffin. It was surrounded by pillars with classical capitals.

Previously, it was believed that the unusual slope of the building was – this is part of the project, but nowadays this version is unlikely. From the very beginning, the design of the tower was flawed – the combination of soft soil and a three-meter foundation led to the tower tilting immediately after the construction of the third floor. In 1198 the soil was strengthened and the unfinished building was temporarily opened. The floors above the 3rd floor were built taking into account the slope of the tower. The bell tower topping the tower is already relatively level.

According to the biography of Galileo, which was written by Vincenzo Viviani, Galileo conducted his experiments here, simultaneously throwing bodies of different masses from the tower in the presence of other teachers. This experience has been described in many books, however, in the 20th century, some authors came to the conclusion that this was only a legend, since Galileo himself did not claim in his books that he had performed this experiment. Nevertheless, some historians are inclined to argue that the experiment took place.

Today, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is the object of close observation. Great efforts are constantly being made to make the tower more stable. Basically, work is being done to strengthen the foundation.

In 2008, scientists said that the `` fall '' the tower is finally completed. Prior to that, even in spite of numerous works on 'freezing', the tower deviated from the vertical by about 1 millimeter per year.

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Topic: Leaning Tower in Italy, Pisa resort.Leaning Tower in Italy, Pisa resort

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