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Krka National Park in Croatia

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The National Park is located along the Krka River. Status   national park, these lands were acquired in 1985, thanks to geological characteristics and natural beauty. The area of the park is about 109 square kilometers.

The flora and fauna of the reserve is very diverse. There are 860 species and subspecies of plants in the park. Among them there are some unique ones that can be found only in this area. The Krka River is home to about 18 species of fish, 10 of which are found only here. River otters and bats are widely represented from the genus of mammals.

The park is home to a large number of bird species, sedentary birds are represented by 222 species, for example, hawk eagle, snake eagle, golden eagle, osprey, falcon-peregrine falcon.

The most striking attraction of the park is considered to be seven cascades of waterfalls:
  • Roshki Slap is the main waterfall, 25.5 meters high;
  • Skradinski beech - 45.5 meters;
  • Bilusic beech - 22 meters;
  • Brlyan - 15 meters;
  • Manoilovachki waterfalls - 59.5 meters;
  • Roshnyak - 8 meters;
  • Milyachka rafting - 24 meters.
For tourists interested in history, it will be interesting to visit medieval fortresses : Nechven, Kluchitsa, Bogochin, Troshen and two monasteries. Also, on the territory of the park, there is a Roman water supply system and other ancient monuments.
The infrastructure is well developed in the reserve: beaches are organized, routes have been developed to familiarize tourists with the sights. At the entrance and exit to the park there are gazebos for recreation, cafes, souvenir shops.
a large number, for example:
  • Boat excursion to Visovac.
  • Boat excursion to Roski slap.
  • Boat excursion to Krka monastery.

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Topic: Krka National Park in Croatia.Krka National Park in Croatia

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