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Archaeological Museum in Greece, Nafplio Resort

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The house in which this museum is located is a luxurious Venetian building. The inscription on the facade says that the building was built by the superintendent of the Venetian fleet, Agosino Sagredo in 1713. The building was supposed to be a warehouse.

The house is made in the Baroque style. The first floor is an arched portico supported by 4 pillars. Porous stone was used to decorate the arches, walls and window sills of the first floor. Stripes of the same stone divide the floor.

This building was originally used as a naval arsenal. Then it was converted into barracks, and during the German occupation, army interrogations were carried out here. Now the lower floor of the building is occupied by the Fourth Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. And on the upper floors is the Archaeological Museum itself.

The museum contains exhibits from a variety of eras, even from the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras.

The museum contains exhibits found throughout Argolis, especially in Mycenae. In the burials of Prosimni and Dendra, beautiful fragments of pottery from the Mycenaean period were found.

The main exhibit of the museum – This is copper armor that was found along with weapons and other items in the Dendra burial.

On the second floor, among other exhibits, you can see weapons and a helmet of a post-Mycenaean warrior.

In the halls collections of weapons and pots from Tiryns and Asini, as well as various items and figurines from the temple in Tiryns are on display.

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Topic: Archaeological Museum in Greece, Nafplio Resort.Archaeological Museum in Greece, Nafplio Resort

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