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Corinth Canal in Greece, Corinth resort

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The largest Greek peninsula – The Peloponnese is connected to the mainland by only a narrow 6-kilometer isthmus. At the end of the nineteenth century, a canal was dug through it.

In ancient times, to shorten the route between the Saronic and Corinthian gulfs, ships were transported on special carts across this isthmus.

The canal was thought about for a long time. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Caligula seriously thought about the project. In 67 AD, Nero began in earnest to implement their plans, however, due to his sudden death in 69 AD, work on the construction of the canal stopped.

Construction of the modern canal began in 1882. The author of the project was a famous architect, author of the famous Suez Canal – Frenchman Ferdinand de Lesseps. In 1889, the company that was working on the construction went bankrupt, but the Greek company completed the work. The canal was opened in 1893. Its roughness is 8 meters, width – 24 meters, and length – 6 kilometers 343 meters.

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Topic: Corinth Canal in Greece, Corinth resort.Corinth Canal in Greece, Corinth resort

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