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Lamaist (Buddhist) Temple (Yonghegong) in China, Beijing Resort

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This temple is the most famous Buddhist monastery in the city. It is located in the north of the former imperial city. Yonghegun – this is a lamaist monastery. This means that it is a monastery of Tibetan Buddhism.

The history of Yonghegun began in 1649. Then the Kangxi emperor built a palace on this place for Yong-qingwang, his son. When Yong-qiwan occupied the throne, the palace was called Yonghegong. The name could be interpreted as     `` Palace of Yun, who became emperor '', or as   `` Palace of Harmony. ''

After Yong-qingwang died, his body was located for some time in a special pavilion of the palace. In 1746, the palace was rebuilt into a temple, which became a Lamaist monastery. From the very beginning, Yonghegong differed from other Peking Buddhist temples, as it was a court monastery. First the Emperor Jiangjing, and then all the emperors who followed him, annually held a special ceremony of remembrance of their ancestors here.

Now Yonghegong is a functioning monastery. True, from half a thousand monks who once lived here, now there are only a hundred.

You can get to the temple by subway, getting off at Yunhegun station.

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Topic: Lamaist (Buddhist) Temple (Yonghegong) in China, Beijing Resort.Lamaist (Buddhist) Temple (Yonghegong) in China, Beijing Resort

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