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Mount Batma in Vietnam, Hue resort

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Bachma National Park is located in the central part of Vietnam, in the Thuathien Hue province, near the city of Hue. The total area of the park `` Batma '' is 220 km2. The park is territorially divided into three zones – administrative zone, a zone of strict control and an intermediate zone.

One of the central figures of the park is Mount Batma, reaching a height of 1,450 meters, the rest of the park zone is the territory adjacent to the mountain.

The word `` batma '' translated means `` white horse '', and this is not accidental. The locals gave the name to the mountain thanks to the white clouds that can be observed here almost throughout the year.

For the first time, people began to think about the preservation of nature in this area at the beginning of the last century. At that time, French colonists lived in central Vietnam, who decided to engage in environmental protection activities. In 1932, a tourist center was organized here, which existed only until 1954. As a result, these lands were abandoned by the colonists, and for many years no one cared about them. In 1986, the Vietnamese government organized conservation activities here and declared Mount Bat'ma a national reserve.

Today, about 1,700 species of plants grow in the park, of which 430 are medicinal, and 83 species are – included in the Red Book. The fauna of the park is also very rich and varied. It is home to about 50% of the fauna of all Vietnam.

Many excursion routes have been laid out for tourists in the park. Especially popular are & Pheasant trails, laid at an altitude of 500 meters. Following these trails, you can reach picturesque waterfalls and a mountain stream.

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Topic: Mount Batma in Vietnam, Hue resort.Mount Batma in Vietnam, Hue resort

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