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China Bund, Shanghai Resort

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This embankment is part of Sun Yat-sen Street. It stretches along the Huangpu River. Usually, the embankment is also understood as the marinas and buildings located along this street, as well as the adjacent territories. Bund is also called Bund, Shanghai Embankment, Bund, or even just Embankment.

Dozens of buildings in the European colonial style can be seen on the embankment. Once upon a time, they housed trading companies and banks from the USA, France, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Russia, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as consulates of Russia and Great Britain. Today, one of the buildings still houses the Russian consulate.

The embankment looks especially beautiful in the evening, when the city lights are on.

The length of the embankment is 1.5 kilometers. There are about fifty buildings here, built in such architectural styles as Baroque, Neoclassicism, Gothic, Classicism, Art Deco and Bozar. Therefore, the embankment is called “the museum of world architecture”.

One of the most famous buildings on the embankment is the Peace Hotel, built by Victor Sassoon. Previously, he was called"the master of half of Shanghai." This building is still famous for the jazz bands playing in its cafes.

Another famous building is the Shanghai Customs building. It was built in 1927 on the site of a Chinese-style building that served the same function. The clock that can be seen on this building made in Great Britain as a parody of Big Ben.

In the northern part of the Embankment there is a"Monument to People's Heroes", which was erected here in honor of those killed in the Chinese revolution.

The Bund, Bund is arguably the most famous tourist area in Shanghai. For the sake of preserving historical monuments, high-rise construction is limited in it.


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