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Basilica of San Domenico in Italy, Bologna resort

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Basilica of San Domenico today is one of the main temples in Bologna. In an exquisite tomb, the work of Arnolfo di Cambio and Nikola Pisano, the relics of the founder of the Dominican order are kept - St. Dominic. The famous Michelangelo also contributed to the creation of the tomb.

Arriving in Bologna in 1218, Dominic Guzman was struck by the vital energy of the city, and immediately realized that he could play an important role here in his preaching mission. A monastery was soon founded at the Mascarella church, which could not accommodate all the parishioners who wanted to hear the revelations of the pilgrim. That is why Dominic was forced to move to the church of San Nicolo, located on the outskirts of the city. Here the pilgrim spent the rest of his life. In 1233, the remains of the saint were placed in a marble sarcophagus, and later a tomb was built, decorated with episodes from the life of the pilgrim.

In 1219-1243, members of the order purchased almost all the land around the Basilica of San Nicolo, and the building itself was significantly rebuilt after the death of Dominic. In the first half of the 13th century, a new monastic complex was built. During construction work, the nave of the church was enlarged and the old apse was destroyed. Thus, the Basilica of San Domenico emerged, which later became a model for most Dominican churches in many countries of the world.

In 1251, the new temple was consecrated by Pope Innocent the Fourth. During the consecration, a crucifixion by Giunta Pisano was demonstrated. Over the next centuries, the church was rebuilt several times.

During the Middle Ages, the square in front of the church was paved with cobblestones. In the central part of the square today you can see a column with a statue of St. Dominic. Immediately behind the statue is the marble pillar called Madonna of the Rosary, which was erected to mark the end of the plague epidemic.

The Roman facade of the church underwent a series of renovations in the 20th century. The Renaissance chapel of Lodovico Gisilardi was erected next to it in 1530. The main chapel of the Basilica – chapel of St. Dominic – was built by Floriano Ambrosini. It is within its walls that the remains of the saint are buried in our time.

The marble bust of Dominic by Carlo Pini was based on an accurate reconstruction of the saint's skull. In the left side border of the church there is an old organ, on which the great composer V.A. Mozart. Also noteworthy is the magnificent Renaissance chorale in the 16th century.

The church also houses a small museum that houses a collection of works of art, an extensive collection of chalice, valuable relics and monstrosities.


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Topic: Basilica of San Domenico in Italy, Bologna resort.Basilica of San Domenico in Italy, Bologna resort

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