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Old royal palace in Bohemia, Prague spa

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The old royal palace was built in the 9th century and throughout its long history   changed its architectural appearance more than once. Previously, the palace was the seat of Bohemian princes.

The construction of the palace was carried out in the Romanesque style by order of Sobeslav I in 1135. Soon Vladislav Jagiello decided to make several changes to the architecture of the building. Why hired architect Benedict Ried. During the restoration work, the famous Vladislav Hall was built on the upper floor of the palace. Over the years, the Habsburg dynasty used the palace as a treasury, government offices and for meetings and coronations.

During the Second World War all the royal jewels were hidden in the palace from air raids.

In medieval Prague, the Vladislav Hall was the largest secular hall, and in the 16th century it was used for knightly tournaments, coronation celebrations , fairs and balls. The knights entered the hall directly on horseback, climbing the so-called Rider's Ladder. Nowadays, the hall is used for holding elections for the President of the Czech Republic and ceremonial state events.

On one side of the Hall is the entrance to the Ludwig wing, where the offices of the Czech Chancellery are located. It was here that the second Prague defenestration took place in 1618. Two Catholic rulers, as well as their secretary, were forcibly thrown out of the windows. Thanks to the pile of fertilizers, they survived, although some Catholics claim that this was nothing more than angelic intervention. Actually, this event marked the beginning of the Thirty Years War.

In 1766-1768, Theresa's Way was built in the castle by Maria Teresa to house office magazines. Today this hall is used for the exhibition of creative art.


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Topic: Old royal palace in Bohemia, Prague spa.Old royal palace in Bohemia, Prague spa

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