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Villa Adriana in Italy, Tivoli resort

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Vila Hadriana is a ruined imperial villa, from where Emperor Hadrian ruled the Roman Empire in the last years of his life.

Previously, the complex of the villa included 30 buildings, named emperor in honor of the Italian cities in which he managed to visit. Systematic excavations at the villa have never really been carried out, but it was here that the most famous antique statues were found – Diana of Versailles, Discobolus, Capitoline Centaurs, Capitoline Antinous and many others. Many columns were also removed from the villa   on the orders of Ippolito d ’ Este, intended to build his own villa.

Despite the state of the ruins, worsening every year, UNESCO listed the villa as a World Heritage Site.

The villa was built in the 2nd century AD. at the edge of a limestone terrace stretching from the Roman plain to the Tiburtine mountains. In our time, only a small part of the original area of the villa has survived. The construction and further maintenance were quite extensive. The complex was built in accordance with Roman architectural traditions.

The emperor's family and his successors used the villa as a residence, but the descendants of the Romans soon forgot about it. In the III century, Emperor Diocletian carried out reconstruction work in the complex, and later from there, Constantine the First Great removed many works of art that adorned Constantinople.

In the 4th century, Byzantine and Goth camps were set up on the territory of the complex. The destruction and plundering of the complex continued until the 16th century. at that time, archaeological excavations were carried out here, during which about 300 masterpieces were discovered, which are now kept in museums around the world.

The main structures of the complex are:
  •   Pelice Square;
  • Cento Camelle;
  • Building with three flyovers;
  • Small Baths;
  • Great Baths;
  •   Canopa;
  • Canopic Museum;
  • Pretoria;
  • Golden Square;
  • Four-sided portico with a pond;
  • Nymphaeus;
  • Guard barracks;
  • Hall of the Dorian pilasters;
  • Palace peristyle;
  • Private library;
  • Covered gallery;
  • Summer triclinium;
  • Hall with three naves;
  • Round Temple;
  • Greek Theater;
  • Roccabourne Tower;
  • Temple of Apollo;
  • Hall of Philosophers;
  • Pavilion Tempe;
  • Roman Library;
  • Greek Library;
  • Island villa.  

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