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Meteora in Greece, Larissa resort

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At the tops of these massive rocks is almost the most important shrine of Greece – monasteries of Meteora. 'Meteos' in Greek it means `` soaring in the air. ''

Already in the 11th century, hermits found shelter on these inaccessible rocks. In the 14th century, monastic communities began to appear here. Six of them are still in operation.

Previously, tourists climbed to the monasteries using a complex system of ropes, carts and baskets, as well as with the help of monks. Now an asphalt road has been laid to the monasteries.

Meteora Monasteries

St. Nicholas Monastery.   This monastery was founded by Metropolitan Larissa Dionysius in 1500. The main temple is decorated with a painting by Theophanes Batas-Strelitsas – famous artist from Crete.

Rusanu Monastery. This monastery was founded in 1545 by brothers Maxim and Joseph. The interior of the monastery is decorated with paintings and frescoes, an altar made of wood with gilding and carving, as well as precious lecterns and interesting icons.

Varlaam Monastery. This monastery was founded by Nectarius Apsar and Theophanes in 1517. The frescoes in the main cathedral were painted in 1548 by the famous master of the post-Byzantine period, Frank Catalano. In the monastery you can see numerous rare sacred objects, such as carved wooden crosses, rare manuscripts, icons, shroud embroidered with gold, relics and much more.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery (Megalo Meteoro). This monastery was founded in 1400 by Athanasius Meteorsky – the greatest ascetic in the history of all Orthodox monasticism. The frescoes that adorn the monastery were made by the master Theophanes in 1552. These frescoes are recognized as the greatest example of post-Byzantine painting. The temple houses many valuable icons from the 14th and 16th centuries. In the refectory you can also see the monastery museum, which exhibits rare and valuable relics.

Agnas Triadas (Holy Trinity) Monastery. In this monastery it is worth paying attention to the chapel. You can visit it if you climb 140 steps carved into the rock.    

Monastery of St. Stephen. In all Meteora, this is the only monastery for women. The head of St. Stephen is kept in the monastery, which the monastery received as a gift from the ruler of Wallachia, Vladislav. The monastery is full of valuable relics.  

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Topic: Meteora in Greece, Larissa resort.Meteora in Greece, Larissa resort

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