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Evksinograd in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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Evksinograd is a summer residence of the Bulgarian royal family, located 8 kilometers from the city of Varna, on the Black Sea coast. Today, official government and presidential receptions are held here.

In 1882, the Orthodox hierarchs donated to Prince Alexander Battenberg the lands on which the monasteries of St. Demetrius and St. Constantine were located. The successor to Prince Ferdinand decided to recreate the residence of the House of Orleans, destroyed during the siege   Paris by the Prussian army. He ordered to subscribe from Paris fragments of the famous palace, after which he instructed Victor Rumpelmacher – Viennese architect -   build them into the walls of the new palace.

In the Euxinograd garden, created by the famous gardener Edouard Andre, today there are more than 300 species of plants brought here from all over the world. The panorama of the garden is enlivened by statues made by   mythological subjects.

On the first floor of the residence there are rooms for concerts and audiences, on the second floor - – private chambers of the royal family, on the upper floors there are service rooms. The basement houses the wine cellars.

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Topic: Evksinograd in Bulgaria, Varna resort.Evksinograd in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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