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History Museum in China, Hong Kong Resort

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This museum is one of the newest museums in Hong Kong. It was opened in 2001, and its exposition illustrates six thousand years of history of the island, from ancient people to modern times.

The exhibition area is 7 thousand square meters. Here you can see cultural values related to archeology, national history, ethnography, and other areas. The pride of the museum's collection is the Tang Dynasty items that were found in the kilns.

The first room is the Hall of Climate and Geography. In it you can see stands that tell about the climatic and geological features of Hong Kong.  

Further, there is a prehistoric hall, in which an old house on stilts, a composition with archaeological excavations of a burial place, stone tools and clay products are exhibited.

In the hall of dynasties you can learn a lot about all ever ruling in China dynasties of emperors. And in the Folklore Hall there is an exposition dedicated to the life of various ethnic groups in Hong Kong and South China.

In the Hall of Opium Wars you can get acquainted with the life of China and Hong Kong in 1840-1842 and 1856-1858 , during the Opium Wars.

In the double-decker tram located in the museum, you can see a multimedia film about the pre-war transport of Hong Kong.

In the hall , dedicated to the Japanese occupation, visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the internal structure of the bomb shelter. Documents, objects and films that have survived from that time tell about the occupation itself, about the expulsion of the occupiers and the very first post-war years.

Various events are reflected in the hall of the post-war years: from mass immigration to problems with drinking water. The history of the development of Hong Kong cinema has not been deprived of attention either.

And the last hall is entirely devoted to the signing in 1983 of the Declaration between China and Britain and the 1997 handover ceremony of Hong Kong to the PRC. A film showing the history of the development of relations between Hong Kong and China is shown in this room.  

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Topic: History Museum in China, Hong Kong Resort.History Museum in China, Hong Kong Resort

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