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Mystras in Greece, Peloponnese resort

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This city on the slopes of Zavato, lying 8 kilometers west of Sparta, is one of the main historical monuments of Laconia.

This fortress city was founded in 1249 by the ruler of the Achaean principality and the fourth prince of Morea, Guillaume II of Villardouin ... But already in 1262, the Franks were expelled from these places by the Byzantines, and by the 14th century this city had become the last fragment of Byzantium in Greek territory, the main intellectual and cultural center of the entire region. Mystra was ruled by the brother or son of the Basileus of Constantinople. In 1460, only 7 years after the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the keys to the city were transferred by Demetrios Palaeologus to Sultan Mehmet II.

In this ancient city you can see only tourists – all cafes, hotels and restaurants are concentrated in a small town next to the ruins – in Neo-Mystras.

The territory of the city of Mystra is open in summer from 8 am to 8 pm, and in winter from 8 am to 2 pm. The city is divided into three parts: the `` Castle '', built by the Franks, the `` Upper City '' (Ano-Hora), located around the palace, and the `` Lower City '' (Kato Hora) with very beautiful churches.

The main city attractions are:
  • Hagia Sophia Church, decorated with colorful marble. It was built in 1350 and used to be a palace chapel.
  • Complex of the Palace of Despots. It was built in the years 1249-1400. Now the buildings are being reconstructed.
  • The Monemvasia Gate, which links the lower and upper parts of the city, and the Nafplio Gate, which is the main entrance to the upper city.
  • Church of Odiyitria, built in 1310.
  • Cave Church of Panagia-Langadiotis.
  • Monasteries of the 13-15th centuries: Panagia-Zayuna, Faneromeni, Vrondokhion, Perivleptos and Pandanas.
  • The ruins of the 'Little Palace' - the Byzantine mansion of Palataki, built in 1250-1300.
  • Agios Nikolaos – a building built in the 18th century and decorated with beautiful unsophisticated frescoes.
  • Various rich mansions

The oldest temple in the city – Metropolis, was built during the reign of Palaeologus between 1270 and 1292.

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Topic: Mystras in Greece, Peloponnese resort.Mystras in Greece, Peloponnese resort

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