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People's Square in Croatia, Split resort

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People's Square is located to the west of Diocletian's Palace and has been the urban center of Split since the late Middle Ages.

The square began to form around the pre-Romanesque church of St. Lovro and a large gap time bore its name. After it was called Arms Square, Lord's Square, and only then began to bear the name of People's Square.

In the XIV-XV centuries, a complex of buildings was built on the square (Prince's Palace, Communal Palazzo, City Loggia and others), after which it acquired the function of a new municipal center.

The square was originally triangular. In 1821, its appearance changed due to the fact that most of the complex of buildings was demolished, only the City Loggia with the Town Hall has survived to our times, where the Split City Hall and the Ethnographic Museum are now located. The first floor of the City Loggia has remained unchanged, and the upper part of the building has been seriously reconstructed.

Currently, on the People's Square you can see such buildings as the Karepich Palace (16th century), the tower, which houses the chimes with a dial, the Renaissance building of the Palazzo Pavlovic, the monumental house of Nakic and others.


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Topic: People's Square in Croatia, Split resort.People's Square in Croatia, Split resort

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