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Things to do in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is a country that occupies a special place in the rating of tourism among Russians. Thanks to relatively inexpensive vacation rates for Europe, rich history and attractions, the Czech Republic is one of the leading countries every year in terms of the number of tourists from Russia who visit them. It is better to know in advance what can be done not only in Prague, but also in other regions of this country close to us.

Take a course of treatment in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the main health resort of the Czech Republic and one of the oldest balneological resorts in the world. Treatment with mineral waters was known here in the Middle Ages, but now it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to local sanatoriums every year. The city itself is very small by European standards and does not have many attractions, but every summer Karlovy Vary is occupied by thousands of tourists, thanks to the famous Film Festival, which attracts many world stars.


Karlovy Vary

Become a spectator of the Brno Theater Festival

Po in fact, Brno is one of the many venues for traditional Czech theater festivals, but it should always be discussed separately. Brno celebrates Shakespeare's festivals especially brightly, this is a special part of summer festivals, the main stage of which is the site of the legendary Spilberk Fortress in Brno. Despite the obvious tourist format, absolutely all performances are performed here in Czech, which gives the sound of Shakespeare's texts a special charm.


Spielberg Fortress

Enjoy the delights of Czech cuisine

Dumplings, Hermelin cheese, unique the recipe for pork knuckle and baked goose is just a small part of the national Czech dishes that can be appreciated in most restaurants and cafes of the country. Delicacies are of great interest to tourists, for example soft hermelin is a type of blue cheese that is used as a snack for beer.



Drink real Czech beer

Beer is also considered one of the key export commodities in the Czech Republic. Many cities have their own breweries, where tourists go for educational excursions with a very long tasting at the end. Those guests who want to plunge into the Czech brewing tradition with their heads. They always go to the country breweries of international renown. One of these breweries is the legendary" Krusovice", located in the village of the same name.

Enter the Kutna Hora Ossuary

Church made of bones in Sedlice, the outskirts of the small town of Kutna Hora, is perhaps the most famous depository of human bones in the world. Most of the interior of the small church is made of specially processed bones of unknown graves located on the territory of the church cemetery.


Ossuary of Kutna Hora

Arrange a national shopping

One of the unique features of Czech shops is the national landmark of some retail chains. Here, as in France, you can see whole shops where, apart from Czech goods, there is nothing. Of course, export is developed here as well, but tourists come to trade zones for Czech cosmetics, handicrafts, mineral water from balneological resorts and many souvenirs depicting the main attractions of the Czech Republic.

Rent an apartment in a medieval mansion

The highest prices for accommodation for tourists in The Czech Republic is not at all near chain hotels with five stars above the entrance - the most expensive thing is to live outside the city, in the apartments of a reconstructed mansion or castle that once belonged to some aristocrat. The option is suitable for lovers of antique interiors. And also for newlyweds who want to have an unforgettable honeymoon.

Karlstein Castle

Visit one of the rock festivals

Czech Republic is the leader of the rock movement in Eastern Europe. 11 festivals of international importance are held here throughout the year. The venues are varied - from large concert halls in Prague to airports and remote villages. The prestige of the festivals is determined by the guest stars - Metallica, Rammstein, Scorpions, Iron Maiden and other world famous bands come here. The total flow of spectators per season is in the hundreds of thousands of people from different countries.

Stop in the village of Krstiny

Krstiny, or in Russian, Christina is a small village not far from Brno with a rich history. It was here, according to legend, that the founders of Slavic writing, Cyril and Methodius, preached for a long time. There is also one of the most beautiful Czech churches - Church of the Virgin Mary. Its main shrine is considered to be a statue of the Virgin, dated to the XIV century.

Church of the Virgin Mary

Eat gingerbread in Pardubice

Pardubice is the heart of the Czech province and one of the birthplaces of Czech gingerbread. This sweetness became the official symbol of the city when, in the 19th century, local pastry chefs began to compete for the best dessert recipe. The result is several dozen unique recipes for baking gingerbread, some of which are still kept secret.

Take a picture of Krumlov Castle

The castle in Cesky Krumlov is the second largest castle in the Czech Republic after Prague Castle. The entire historical center of the city is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, so there are many photographers here, and even more objects for pictures.


Krumlov Castle

Discover the ski Czech Republic

Few people know what in the north-east of the Czech Republic there are quite large ski resorts on the slopes of the Krkonosze, or the Giant Mountains, in Russian. Every winter trails Trutnov, Peca pod Sniezkou and Black Dula Czechs and tourists from neighboring Poland visit.

See the largest wine barrel

The city of Mikulov, located near the border with Austria, is famous for its old castle, turned into a historical museum. The exposition itself is unlikely to surprise the sophisticated tourist, but thousands of people come here not for this - they want to see the largest wine barrel in Europe, kept in the castle. The volume of the barrel is 101 thousand liters. The city itself is interesting for its architecture, which differs from the traditional Czech style in favor of Austrian traditions. Also on the day of the Summer Solstice, many tourists watch the sunset against the background of the facade of the destroyed mausoleum.

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