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Things to do in China

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The capital of China, Beijing

The ancient civilization of China was closed from prying eyes for many centuries, and only in the second half of the 20th century international tourism began to develop actively here. Among the holiday destinations in China, there are must-see programs covering the country's historical and architectural heritage, as well as interesting and unique natural sites. After reading the list of things to do in the Middle Kingdom, you can safely hit the road.

Enter the Forbidden City

Most of the excursions in Beijing begin with a visit Forbidden City. A unique complex of palaces, turned into a huge museum, receives several million people a year, half of which – Foreign tourists. Since the area of the Forbidden City is large enough, it is better to allocate a whole day for visiting it, from morning to evening with a short break in a cafe next door. And even better, if the tourist groups will explore the Forbidden City in two days – this option is also available.


Forbidden City

Walk along the Great Wall of China

Immediately from the Chinese capital, you can go to inspect the greatest building in the country – Great Wall of China. Before deciding on this trip, you need to remember that out of all the surviving 4 thousand kilometers of the wall, only 400 kilometers are accessible to tourists in different regions of China. From Beijing there are three directions to the surviving areas: Badaling, Jinshanling - Simatai - Gubeikou and Mutianyu. The first stretch is the most famous, which has led to huge crowds of tourists at any time of the year. The third section has been restored the best - – it is served by funiculars and a ramp.

See red; Beijing

Patriotic Chinese often offer to start exploring the country not with ancient buildings, but with historical objects of modern history. The Mausoleum of the leader Mao Zedong, located on the iconic Tiananmen Square, in this format of excursions around the Chinese capital is the main attraction. The Monument to People's Heroes located here is one of the must-see sites. If a trip to China is planned for the May holidays, then traditional demonstrations cannot be ignored.


Tiananmen Square
is located in the average city of Xi'an by Chinese standards. There are clay statues at the tomb of Qin Shi Huang – the first emperor of a united China. Today, the Terracotta Army is the object of full-fledged excursions, all 8 thousand statues are covered with a huge pavilion roof, which saves them from bad weather. Tourists can view the Army from the balconies that run around the perimeter of the exhibition pavilion.


Terracotta Army

View on Guanshan

Unique natural site – Guanshan mountains – best to visit in summer. Formed 100 million years ago, the rocky spurs are now included in a single nature reserve, which is a UNESCO site. The tops of the rocky formations are covered with dense forests, and there is an ascent to some heights. The picturesque landscapes that open from here have been actively used by filmmakers for location filming, including Hollywood films in recent years.

Book a massage session

If massage in Thailand has long become an integral part an attribute of rest, then many tourists still have vague ideas about Chinese massage. In fact, this service can be offered even in the cheapest hotel, but the question will already arise about medical effectiveness. If there is a desire to give the body the right tone, then it is best to order such a massage in medical centers or SPA-salons at large hotels. There are two types of this service – foot massage, which can be ordered everywhere, and general massage, which, nevertheless, it is better to order in clinics.

Drive to the rice paddies

Several thousand cultivated varieties of rice made China the leading exporter of this product. For tourism, the food industry of the country has done a good deed – now foreign tourists can also see how the main product of the Chinese nation is grown. Most often they come to Yuanyang County where the famous Rice Terraces are located. Having risen to a sufficiently large height, tourists can choose from one of the observation decks offering views of the stepped rice-growing terraces. The best time to visit this district is from November to April.


Rice plantations

Buy real Chinese tea

Many have tried real Chinese tea, but few know about the laws of the tea ceremony. If the dosed tea drinking is not to your taste, then you can go to any tea store and buy one of several hundreds, or even thousands of varieties. A number of green teas should be purchased with the knowledge that border crossing fees can be quite high, therefore, it is better not to buy large quantities of tea.

Go to Pingyao

The official status of the oldest city in China makes Pingyao a popular tourist destination. According to historical documents and archaeological evidence, the first settlements on the site of the modern city were already 12 thousand years ago. the locals support historical tourism extensively, often wearing traditional costumes for daily work and performing a variety of performances for tourists.

Walk the Faith Trail

The so-called Trail Faith – it is a unique place in Zhangjiajie City District. A serpentine path made of reinforced glass and metal structures was created on a steep cliff at an altitude of more than a kilometer. A person walking along this path is walking along an abyss and, if he looks down, he will see everything that is under this cliff.


Trail of Faith

Visit pandas

The largest nature reserve in China, where giant pandas live in conditions as close as possible to their natural environment, is located in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan province. It is home to 1000 pandas of different ages. It's better to come people in the morning

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