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Fruit of Indonesia

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Indonesian fruits (Baltic herring, mangosteen, strawberry, orange, banana)

Indonesia amazes with its fruit variety, however, it is more in regions such as Jakarta, Bali and parts of the islands of Java and Sumatra, but also other islands of problems with fruit no. Fruits are so exotic that many tourists never talk about them. heard. Even our famous fruits, for example, mangoes, have here is a completely different taste. To do not get lost in the market, where you can see up to 20 names of different fruits, you should get a little familiar with the most common of them.

Melody resembles the form and eggplant coloring, some species are similar to plum, which has a coloring zebras. The pulp is similar to the pulp of a cucumber - firm and watery. In these fruits many vitamins and liquids, they can be used both in salads and separately.Image

Sirsak is called sour cream an apple that grows on trees and is quite large in size. Its usually cut into slices and eat. Inside it are large black bones. The fruit tastes like pineapple with a flavor of nutmeg.

It grows on the islands an unusual fruit called"Tamarillo". It is ovoid and red-orange color, tastes like tomato with currants, gooseberries and other berries. Consume the pulp that is extracted from the cut in half fruit. It contains many useful microelements and vitamins A, B, C and E.Image

Baltic herring is also called snake fruit, it got its name from the scaly skin of the fruit, resembling a snake skin. The shape of the fruit resembles a fig that tastes like pineapple, gooseberry and banana. There are three lobules inside the fruit, each of which contains a black seed. This fruit has hemostatic properties.

Trees grow huge fruit jackfruits, they resemble an inedible cobblestone in their appearance, used both unripe and ripe. From unripe fruit you can make curry. The ripeness of the fruit can be determined by tapping. If the fruit immature, the sound will be dull. Ripe fruit, when tapped, emits a sonorous sound and can be consumed raw. The fruit tastes like a banana and a pineapple. Due to its low price, it is called “the fruit of the breadfruit”, it is very common in Asia.

Pitahaya - hot pink the fruit, which has yellow-green spines, is very similar in appearance to a cactus. The pulp has freshish taste, so the fruit is used as a decorative element. It is believed that pitahaya is good for vision. There is a kind of with a blood red middle, leaves stains on clothes that cannot be washed off.Image

Attractive for tourists hairy red bunches of rambutans. Under the skin is a grape with a sweet and sour taste and one seed. Before cleaning its fruit should be shaken, as many ants are hiding in its hairs.

Mangosteen is a round fruit of dark brown color having a funny green cap. Under the thick skin there are 3-4 white fibrous segments with one bone. The fruit has a creamy taste and helps to remove thirst and hunger well. To clean it up some skill is needed. You can ask the seller to show you how to open it.

Longan is very popular on Java, it is called Indonesian seeds. It's worth trying one melon-grape berry and impossible will stop so as not to eat a couple of bunches of this delicious fruit.Image

Durian is the most famous and interesting fruit in Southeast Asia. He is not allowed to take with to public transport due to the specific smell. He has sweetish-sugary smell, reminiscent of the smell of onions, stale socks and garlic, yet its sweet, delicate fruit pulp is a true Asian delicacy. Needle fruit halved and eat the yellow segments. Its taste is very pleasant, this fruit considered one of the most valuable fruits in Asia, it is very nutritious and healthy, and even is the strongest aphrodisiac.

Bael fruit, more called Bengal quince, has an original shape and has bright orange color. The fruit has a hard woody shell, it possesses sweet and sour taste and odorless. Bael fruit contains a lot carbohydrates, as well as vitamin C, iron, phosphorus and calcium. In Bali it apply against diarrhea.

Naranjilla (local call it lalo) experts predict great future, although he little known. The fruit has a very sweet taste reminiscent of pineapple with strawberries. It is added to make jams or jellies, and is also very delicious freshly squeezed juice from it. Image

Grenadilla berries have reddish or orange in color, taste like pomegranate, usually eaten with sugar. Grenadilla berries are used to make jellies or jams.

Guava is a greenish-yellow fruit with a very aromatic, tasty pulp. Ripe guava has yellow-pink or red. Guava is consumed raw, in the form of juice, added to ice cream, this fruit is used to make delicious marmalade.

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