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How is durian useful? Durian prices in Pattaya

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Durian inside and outside

Very famous among tourists, the most exotic fruit - durian. This fruit did not leave any tourist indifferent. Durian is either loved either hate it.

Durian   very big by size - up to 30 cm and weighs up to 8 kilogram.   The fruit has a very hard skin with pyramidal spines. Inside the durian there are 5 oblong chambers with a gentle yellow-white mass. Ripe durian has a corrosive sweet smell and an unusual the taste for which tourists argue among themselves for so long.

Durian is considered the most valuable fruit in Thailand. Residents Thailand has been eaten since childhood. In him contains all known vitamins and minerals, and durian is an aphrodisiac for the stronger sex.Image
Durian Fruits

There are rumors in the community of those who have heard of durian, what he it stinks like a"rotten corpse" and cannot be tasted. According to other versions, the fruit should be consumed immediately after opening, within 30 minutes, otherwise it begins to stink strongly. Some unknowingly say that the taste of durian divine, and the smell is hellish. In fact, the smell of the fruit is the same as its taste, he smells all the time, the smell is characteristic and pleasant enough, he just not familiar to the Russian nose. Some tourists for the sake of experiment, left the opened durian in a hotel room for a day to check the version of the monstrous stench .... But in vain, after lying in the room for more than a day, the fruit began to smell much less, than just opened and even nicer. The smell of lying durian became like the smell of orange peels.

It is difficult to describe the taste of durian. By the consistency of durian looks like a cross between soft cheese and banana. Fruit flavor every feels different. Someone says that it tastes like rotten herring, someone claims that on rotten onions, and some say that the fruit tastes nutty cheese.Image
Durian in section

You should definitely try durian. Try to treat to its smell and taste without bias. It is possible that you will become a fan of this fruit, not a hater.

It is worth noting that durian increases blood pressure, so do not you need to use it with alcohol and it is undesirable to use it in large quantities for hypertensive patients.

Fruit season in spring and summer. You can find fruit in Thailand all year round, but in winter there is a risk that an unripe fruit will be caught. The cost uncut durian about 100 baht per kilogram. Clean pulp in trays will cost about 80 baht for one of the five durian chambers.


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Topic: How is durian useful? Durian prices in Pattaya.How is durian useful? Durian prices in Pattaya

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