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What are the holidays in Egypt?

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Egypt is a Muslim country with its own faith and customs that determine the rhythm of life of the population. Five times a day, the muezzin calls all believers to prayer through a loudspeaker. In the month of Ramadan, night turns into day. Throughout the day, the Muslim people fast and take a break only after sunset. From this moment on, social life stops. The working hours of state institutions at this time are from 10.00 to 14.00.

Egyptians are considered a deeply religious people. Here they cannot even imagine how one can not believe in their religion. The population is 9/10 Muslims and the rest is Christian. There are no conflicts between these two religions, and they all get along in one family. Over time, the customs of the two religions have become very similar to each other. For example, in Egypt, they organize a celebration on the occasion of the seventh day of a newborn's life, and mourning the dead, they hit themselves on the cheeks with their palms. Under the"suan" is a wooden canopy in front of the house, for the first three days of mourning they accept condolences, and also Sham el-Nessin - absolutely everyone greets him - is a holiday of renewal of nature.

January 1 - New Year

Winter weather in Egypt is a real blessing. The most severe frosts here are at least 16 degrees above zero, and even then at night. During the day, the thermometer rises to 24 degrees. This does not affect the sea temperature, since it does not have time to cool down during this time, and you can swim in it both in winter and in summer.

March 8 - Mawlid al-Nabi, or as it is also called the Christmas of the Prophet Muhammad.

The Prophet's birthday is celebrated on the 12th of the month of Rabi ul- aval. This holiday began to be celebrated only 300 years after the advent of Islam.

March 21 - Mother's Day

This holiday was officially established in Egypt in 1956. 10 years later, they decided to rename it to family day, because locals believe that mother's day brings unpleasant memories to people who have lost their mothers.Image

Egyptian mother with child

April 25 - liberation of Sinai.

Egypt represents several agricultural regions of the Nile Valley and Delta. Sinai is a desert with small rare oases and wells. In the north there is sand all around, and in the south there are mountains.

May 1 is Labor Day

It was on this day in 1886 that a strike was organized by American workers demanding an 8-hour working day. It all ended in clashes with the police and bloodshed.

July 23 - Revolution of 1952

The July Revolution, which gave the better known name to the Egyptian Revolutionary Coup in 1952. It was she who laid the foundation for the national liberation revolution.

September 23 - the day of victory

Victory over the aggression of France, Israel and England. England and France in 1956 undertook aggression in order to assert their dominance in the Arab East.

October 6 - Army Day

In the Middle East on October 6, 1973, the Arab-Israeli war began, fourth in a row. It ended with the actual victory of Israel, just like all the previous ones, but, nevertheless, the Egyptians celebrate their own victory on this day.

December 17 - New Hijri Year

The first day of the most holy month of Muharam. The 1st muhkharama is not included in Islamic holidays, so most Muslim countries do not celebrate the new year, as it is in our understanding.Image

New Year in Egypt

December 23 - The Egyptian army of Port Said was taken.  

Port Said is a city located on the Mediterranean coast in the northeastern part of Egypt. The city was founded in 1859 and is a sea gate.

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