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Schools for kids in Pattaya

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Some tourists come to Pattaya with plans to stay here for a long time. It may be a desire to completely move here permanently, or for the duration of a long business trip to get an education. There is a category of tourists who travel, staying in the country for several months in order to feel its culture. If you find yourself in one of the situations described above, and you have a school-age child, then you should not despair, there are many schools in Pattaya that successfully work with foreign school-age children. Let's take a look at the main ones.

1. St. Andrews School. This school fully complies with international standards. It has a very strong program for preparing children for higher education. The main emphasis is on the formation of an idea among students about the traditions of different cultures and about the world around them. The set of disciplines is quite traditional. The teachers are fluent in Thai and English. The school occupies three buildings and is located between Rayong and Pattaya. Getting there from Pattaya can be difficult in the absence of personal transport.

2. Wuttichot School. This school is one of the most prestigious in Pattaya, it began its work in the 70s of the twentieth century. Both Thai children and foreigners study in it. There are no teachers with knowledge of the Russian language at the school; classes with foreign children are taught in English. The cost of education in this school depends on the age of the child: the older, the more expensive. The documents issued will have international status.

3. Saint Udomseuksa School. This school is located near Sukhumvit Highway, in two buildings. The area is quiet enough, not noisy. Children from the age of 1.5 are accepted here, the training program is multi-stage. They teach, as expected, in Thai and English, the standards are focused on the English system. However, the issued documents, although quoted at the international level, are not officially such. Nevertheless, they teach very well in this school, they provide a choice of several curricula, preschool education and kindergarten. The school has its own bus, swimming pool and various extra-curricular activities.Image

Best Burapa School

4. Best Burapa School. A very popular school in Pattaya among Russian-speaking tourists, it has very affordable prices, training also takes place in Thai and English. It is desirable, of course, that the child knows a little English upon admission. The admission of students is carried out from preschool age.

5. Regents School Pattaya. This is a world-class educational institution, it is considered one of the best even in the international arena. Regents School Pattaya is a British school, located half an hour from the center of Pattaya, which is quite convenient for many visitors. The training takes place mainly in English, and the document received as a result of training will have an international status. The school curriculum has recently even included Russian language and literature.Image

Regents School Pattaya

6. There are also Russian schools in Pattaya: Diplomat and Knowledge. Your child will be able to learn in them without experiencing any language barrier.

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Topic: Schools for kids in Pattaya.Schools for kids in Pattaya

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