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Alanya Beaches: Ulash Beach

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Ulash beach

Ulash beach differs from all beaches in Turkey by the fact of an entrance fee - it is charged from each tourist who, in addition to relaxing on the coast explore the local landmark - the ruins of an ancient fortress. The beach itself is sandy, traditionally by the sea, locals hold picnics, this tradition was quickly picked up by guests from other countries. Despite such an active holiday, the cleanliness of the beach is maintained almost in perfect condition.

The entrance to the sea is shallow and even the bottom on the shallows is sandy, instead of the usual pebbles, that's why many families come here to relax and teach children to swim. For those traveling in Turkey by car, there is a guarded parking lot located right in front of the beach entrance.


Ulash Beach

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Topic: Alanya Beaches: Ulash Beach.Alanya Beaches: Ulash Beach

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