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Beaches of Dalaman: Sarsala

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Sarsala Bay

Sarsala Bay and the beach of the same name is a secluded place for those who decided to take a break from the noisy resort areas of the Mediterranean. Like most beaches in Turkey, this beach has its own water sports zones, but there are also quieter places here. The most popular part of the beach is far from the central coast, and you can only get to it by boat, which regularly take tourist groups to this bay.

The most important attraction in this part of the Sarsala Bay is the unique archaeological site. This place once stood the ancient city of Lydia, which until the XX century could not be explored due to the inaccessible territory on which it is located.


Sarsala Beach
In addition, the beach area has access to another attraction of the ancient period - the ruins of Lassa, a city with perfectly preserved examples of Greek architecture. The location of the beaches in the background of the ruins creates a unique atmosphere for the most unusual holiday in Dalaman.
Formally, the bay is divided into two parts: Kyzylkuyruk Bay and Malaya Sarsala. Malaya Sarsala is a modest pebbled area, where the tourist infrastructure is represented by a couple of restaurants serving delicious seafood and a pier for yachts. Yachts are the most different - from modest to luxurious.


View of the Sarsaly beach

Kyzylkuyruk is the part where the ruins of two ancient cities are located. Any buildings from the hotels here not conducted due to the historical significance of the place,

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