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What to do in Barcelona? Where to stay in Barcelona?

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The best way to learn more about Barcelona is book a city tour accompanied by a professional guide. Capital Catalonia is equal in size to Spain. The city is located near the Mediterranean seas. With a unique combination of modern and medieval buildings make this city truly attractive and attract to itself every year millions of tourists from all over the world.

Sightseeing tour of Barcelona includes a monastery Montserrat, a monument to Columbus - it is the main symbol of the country, the mountain Tibidabo, which houses the Temple of the Sacred Heart and the statue of Jesus Christ. The most favorite place for tourists and locals in Barcelona is the boulevard Ramblas. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that all streets are built in the style French boulevards. Here you can see musicians and actors, you can walk in Park Guell, visit the Picasso and Dali Museum. In Barcelona museums you can see the work of almost all great artists. And on the hill of Montjuic you can not only see the main attractions of the city, but also enjoy magnificent panorama of the city.Image
View of the city from the Montjuic hill

Barcelona has a huge number of hotels from inexpensive economy class to elite. Regardless of the class, always at your service high-quality European service. If you decide to stay at an elite expensive hotel, then you - to Plaza Catalunya or La Rambla. There are hotels of the same class at the city's stadium and on the beach area. Here The following hotels are located: W Hotel Barcelona and Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel. There are many hotels, but you need to take care of the rooms in advance, especially if the rest falls on the weekend. If your main purpose of the trip is sightseeing tours city, then there are many hostels, the average cost of which is from 15 to 20 euros.

Barcelona beach area is located on the banks Mediterranean. The beaches are landscaped at the highest level. For romantics romantic sea trips with water activities are provided. Choosing an evening tour, you have the chance to see the colorful streets of the city from fountains and parks. After walking, you can visit a cafe or restaurant with national cuisine.

Rest in Barcelona is an ideal solution for tourists with children, because in any hotel everything is provided for kids. Territories of hotels and hotels are equipped with sports complexes and swimming pools, and excursions around the city offers its young visitors to visit the museum by all of us favorite delicacy - chocolate. As well as attractions, performances, carnivals and water activities.

And be sure to visit the main park of the world - Catalonia in miniature. It is a small copy of the city where you can see everything in full view.

And now, where it is better to stop.

Among the wide variety of different hotels, sometimes it happens it is very difficult to make the right choice, especially if you come to this city first time.

Tarragona suitable lovers of peace and solitude.

Geron - excellent place for tourists interested in history. There are many old buildings here.

Reus - an amazing combination of beachside wealth and Catalunya attractions.

Where to go:

Besalu - looking at all this splendor, it seems that you are back in the middle ages. There are many old buildings, picturesque canals and interesting museums. The same can be found in Girona.

Visiting the Castle of Publ, you will learn the love story of Gala and Dali.

In Tarragona you can see many historical sites of value to UNESCO.
Reus is famous for its buildings Catalan architects.

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Topic: What to do in Barcelona? Where to stay in Barcelona?.What to do in Barcelona? Where to stay in Barcelona?

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