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UK Horse Racing

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Horse racing – a favorite sport among the people of the United Kingdom. The annual turnover of money from equestrian competitions in England is over fifteen billion dollars. Many people take part in the races, but often as gamblers who place bets. The racers themselves, as a rule, are from noble British families.


Glorious Goodwood

The most famous horse races, both in Britain and around the world – RoyalAscot, no aristocrat will allow himself to miss this event. They can ignore the demonstration of their status throughout the year, but everyone crawls out of their burrows to the royal races, the press explodes with discussions of guests, their outfits, diamonds, cars, etc. The Queen of Great Britain herself, Elizabeth II, has not missed a single competition since 1945, not a single race throughout the week takes place without her participation.  

Grand National Aintree yet another, this time a three-day hurdling festival in Aintree, near Liverpool. This event is highly spectacular due to the challenging obstacles. The stands gather about 100 thousand spectators. Injuries and falls are integral attributes of the competition.

Glorious Goodwood – smooth races at Goodwood Racecourse in July.

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Topic: UK Horse Racing.UK Horse Racing

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