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Where is the best place to fly in June 2019?

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The beginning of most vacations falls on the first month of summer, which also accounts for the peak sales of vouchers in all popular destinations. Tours in June 2019 for the bulk of Russian tourists will be classic. Those travelers who have changed their vacation profile for whatever reasons will find many alternatives for themselves.

Choosing tours in June, you need to be prepared for crowded hotels, kilometer-long queues and incessant hectic – from the airport to the streets of the resort town. If you prefer a seaside vacation – then it is in June that the peak of the heat begins in most warm countries. In Europe, the weather can be very different, but this does not stop tourists.

We offer you to get acquainted with the most promising destinations of the countries where it is best to fly in June 2019.


Hotel by the sea, Cyprus

Beach holidays


The Mediterranean island actively opens the swimming season in the first summer month. Tours to Cyprus in June 2019 will delight all guests of the island republic with wonderful sunny weather, warm sea and the opportunity to actively spend time, both on the water and on land.

At the disposal of tourists will be open-air nightclubs right on the beaches, well-equipped coastline and the possibility of renting almost any equipment. Lovers of boat trips will be able to rent a yacht or boat, to admire the island from the sea.

Russian tourists are expected in Cyprus

According to the official data of the Federal Tourism Agency, since 2015, the share of Cypriot destinations in vouchers has increased to 6%. This figure cannot be called a record, but the once lost interest of Russian tourists in the island republic began to grow again.

For Russians, Cypriot hotels again began to prepare the All Inclusive system. Now the tour price includes not only breakfast, but also an evening buffet, as well as a number of bonuses. Among the pleasant surprises – full excursions or theatrical performances right on site. All inclusive preferred by up to 75% of Russian tourists.



Dubai, UAE


For the same tourists, who will not be afraid of the heat, you can choose tours in UAE in June 2019. Already in the first month of summer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi there can be the same +42 o C in the shade, which people suffering from hypertension and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels try to avoid.

For the rest of the tourists, the Arab Emirates are ideal – the hot sun heats up the sea in a matter of hours, and in the early morning you can safely go to the beach. Outdoor activities are very popular here, although more and more tourists prefer to swim in hotel pools, going to the beaches just for the sake of sunbathing.


Eilat, Israel


Another hot country for tours in June 2019 may be Israel. If in winter and spring they fly to the Holy Land to worship the main shrines of Christianity, then in summer, in addition to exhausting excursions under the scorching sun, you can also choose to rest on the beaches. The Dead Sea will be interesting for those who want to retire away from civilization and improve their health.

And for those who prefer the classic format of seaside resorts, Eilat will do. Here you can find both clean beaches and opportunities for active recreation for tourists of all skill levels. But most often people go to this Israeli resort to see dolphins – they live here in the nursery, where anyone can swim with them.      

Excursion holidays


Among the relatively inexpensive excursion tours in June 2019 in the European direction, Greece is the leader. Despite the difficulties with the exchange rate, this European direction will always be relevant among our compatriots. Up to a million people annually come to see the Athenian Acropolis or island attractions.


Acropolis in Athens


Tours to Italy in June 2019 continue to be among the leaders in excursion and event destinations. Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice – the main cities where Russian tourists want to go.

Of course, tours to Italy will be somewhat more expensive than other destinations, but tourists are willing to pay for a touch of ancient history and modern fashion.


Tours to Germany in June 2019. On the one hand, political relations between our countries remain unpredictable, and on the other - – demand for tours to Munich, Cologne and other significant cities in the German state remains stable.


Munich, Germany

Bus tours in Europe – to go or not?

In recent years, bus tours across Europe, in particular – in Germany, Austria and Switzerland –   became very popular with those tourists who are afraid to fly on airplanes or just want to see Europe from the window of ground transport. Tour sales are growing, and with them the number of negative reviews.

The most common reason for tourist complaints is -; it is a long passage through customs posts at the borders. In fact, such checks are necessary, especially – in the current climate of terrorist threat in Europe.

Otherwise, bus tours in Europe are as comfortable as possible. Tourists get a rest every hour and a half, and the seats in the shuttles are suitable for sleeping. For this reason, if there is a desire to try this type of travel – you definitely shouldn't deny yourself.


Palace Square in St. Petersburg


For domestic tourism, the first month of summer – the time is the most suitable, therefore tours in Russia in June 2019 will provide the maximum variety of directions and profiles.

For excursions, residents of provincial regions most often choose tours to Moscow and tours to St. -Petersburg. There are a great many possible options for excursions in these two directions, so tourists most often decide for themselves where to go – to Palace Square or to Red Square.

Golden Ring Tours in June 2019 are a success.

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Topic: Where is the best place to fly in June 2019?.Where is the best place to fly in June 2019?

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