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The best beaches in Rimini

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Rimini – the most visited Italian resort on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, the birthplace of the eminent director Federico Fellini and just a place with an indescribable atmosphere, rich history and cultural heritage.

The territory of Rimini finally became part of the Italian kingdom only in the middle of the 19th century, and already then the active development of the aristocratic resort area began in the city. At that time, not everyone could have a rest here, but by the 20th century the city began to gain popularity, both among Italians and all over the world.

Most tourists come here, of course, for the sake of numerous beaches, oh worth discussing separately.

Benefits of Rimini's beaches

 Beaches of Rimini

Beaches of Rimini

The coastline of Rimini is 15 kilometers of sandy and sandy-pebble zone, stretching from north to south. In total, there are 150 beaches within the city, equipped according to world requirements for comfort and safety.

To the majority Rimini's beaches can be reached by public transport – there are separate stops for buses. The approach to the sea is decorated with paths, and each beach has its own design.

If the beach is assigned to the hotel, then it will almost certainly have Russian speaking staff. Our compatriots are treated with great respect here, and they try to please in every possible way, starting with service in our native language.

Absolutely all Rimini beaches are absolutely safe for children. The entrance to the sea is so shallow that the first 10-15 meters you can safely wade without fear of `` falling through. ''

By the way, if a child wants to feel the sea, then he can be enrolled in a sailing school sports – weekly courses for children introduce the construction of a sailing yacht, the rules of conduct on the high seas and the basics of boat management. Here you can also send your child to swimming training – experienced instructors work all summer.

Rimini Outlets scattered in the countryside.

Important: There is a flag warning system on the beaches of Rimini. A white flag means a calm environment. Yellow flag – strong wind is expected and umbrellas should be closed. Red flag – it is dangerous at sea due to wind and waves, or rescuers are temporarily absent on the site.

Beaches of the Rivabella area

Rivabella beaches

Rivabella beaches

Sami Italians call the area Rivabella the Kingdom of Dances. The thing is, that throughout the summer, evenings of ballroom and pop dances with training and master classes are held here. And if you consider that all this takes place on the sand, in the open air and with a free tasting of the best Italian wines, then the mood prevailing here is very easy to imagine.

The beaches of Viserba and Viserbella

Beaches in Viserba

Beaches in Viserba

If on some site about the beaches of Rimini there will be photos with impressive breakwaters – these are for sure the sites of Viserba and Viserbella. The beaches of this area have the specifics of extreme recreation – most of all sailing schools, diving and windsurfing clubs are here. But, despite this, the waters of these beach areas are considered one of the safest places in Rimini.

Beaches of the San Giuliano Mare area

The San Giuliano area – it is the richest of the beach sectors in Rimini. There are most of all snow-white yachts, pleasure boats and marinas, from where tourists go on boat trips. Tourists who prefer to walk exclusively on foot like to walk along the pier and the promenade. A distinctive feature of the beaches and hotels of San Giuliano – discounts for students and youth companies.

Beaches of Miramare

Beaches of Miramare area

Beaches of the Miramare area

The so-called South Rimini, or Miramare – this is the closest recreation area to the airport, with all the ensuing consequences. Even at the end of the season, it is very crowded here, music is constantly thundering, and animation groups are working. The Miramare area has the longest and widest beaches, as well as some of the lowest prices for rental equipment.

Is it possible to relax on the beaches of Rimini for free?

Quite often, information about the fact that it becomes more and more expensive to relax on the beaches of Rimini every season, and that to some parts of the coast without paying an `` admission ticket '' you will not be able to enter.

In fact, this information has the truth under it - – the owners of some of Rimini's beaches do immediately charge tourists an admission fee, but for this money, visitors automatically get a seat on a sun lounger, an umbrella and even a towel. This rule works for the beaches at hotels, and you really can't come here with your own towel.

But experienced tourists know that even in Rimini there are sections of beaches where you can relax for free, having come with your own sun loungers, and no one will demand money from them. Such free zones are located between numbered beaches, and it is easy to find them – they are fenced off by inverted sun beds or signs.

Free beaches of rimini
Free beaches of Rimini

Of the advantages, which are celebrated by tourists who have chosen the free beaches of Rimini, first of all, they speak of tranquility – here, as a rule, there are few people, no one bothers anyone, there are no annoying animators. The only rule here is – do not litter.

But a significant disadvantage will be the obvious lack of grooming of such coastal areas. Even if tourists do not leave behind heaps of garbage, the waves of the sea regularly throw sharp shells ashore. Is it worth saving on such comfort – it's up to you.

Prices on the beaches of Rimini
no annoying animators. The only rule here is – do not litter.

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Topic: The best beaches in Rimini.The best beaches in Rimini

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