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Which island to choose in Pattaya. Which island is the best in Thailand

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С On the one hand, Pattaya is, of course, primarily entertainment, not a beach. On the other hand, it is unlikely that a tourist who travels to Pattaya plans to do without sunbathing and swimming. But the problem with beaches in Pattaya is quite acute, especially for tourists who have something to compare with. The beaches in the city are rather unkempt, and when you go to relax in the tropics, you expect something different, of course. That is why many tourists take trips to the nearby islands, since there is where to turn around.

The most popular among tourists is the island of Ko Lan (Ko is translated from Thai as an island). This is due to the fact that it is only a couple of kilometers from Pattaya itself, and getting there is not at all difficult: ferries go there directly from the central pier, a ticket for which costs a ridiculous 20 baht, private ferries, the owners of which charge about 150 baht per person. If time is dear to you, then you can fork out for a speedboat, which for 3000 baht will take you (8 seats are included) to Koh Lan from any hotel 3 times faster than by ferry. The island itself has vast areas, there are several beaches, some of which need to be additionally reached by tuk tuk. On the beaches you can find everything you need: from umbrellas and sun loungers to toilets and changing cabins. There are also restaurants with cafes and ATMs: you can have a snack even if you didn't take anything with you. Everything is fine with entertainment, massage parlors, boats, scooters and various water sports. The problem is that such accessibility and developed infrastructure, in tandem with the unsuitability of city beaches, attracts more and more tourists to Ko Lan every year, and gradually the same fuss is formed there. The water, of course, is cleaner here than in Pattaya itself, but again, the quality of the beaches can hardly satisfy the sophisticated tourist.Image


There are other options which will take more time from you. We are talking about the islands of Ko Samed and Ko Chang. They are located far enough from Pattaya, so a trip to them will result in a full day excursion, which includes not just loungers on the beach, but a full set of adventures: a trip by car or bus along the coast for several hours, then a ferry crossing for a couple of hours to the island itself, food and other services are also included here. But as a reward for the time spent, you will get a really clean beach and water. Is it worth it? It's up to you, but if you have already visited the main excursions, then you can spend time on a trip to one of these islands.

There is a magnificent island with clear water and white sand and not very far from Pattaya, it is called Koh Rin, and is located near Koh Lana. There is almost no infrastructure there, so you will not see crowds of tourists. Connoisseurs of peace and quiet flock here. You can't get to Koh Rin by ferry, they don't go there, but you can get to this island by boat: there are many people in Pattaya, who will volunteer to take you there and pick you up.Image

Koh Lan, Thailand

It is also worth remembering about the bay called Sai Kew. In general, this is not an island, but a part of the mainland, but the water here is very clear, and there are not many people. Get here by boat or by land.

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Topic: Which island to choose in Pattaya. Which island is the best in Thailand.Which island to choose in Pattaya. Which island is the best in Thailand

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