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Diving Egypt FAQ

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In resort cities such as Nuweiba, Hurghada, Taba, Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh, you can find many specialized shops selling professional diving equipment from various manufacturers and of quite good quality. In addition, in the offices of large international diving centers there are also small shops where you can buy everything you need for diving.



All equipment prices are fixed. A small discount can be provided only in case of a large purchase.

In the city, almost every passer-by, a waiter, the receptionist or the seller of the excursions can tell you or even guide you to the store of their relative or best friend, where you can buy everything much cheaper. In fact, if there is a benefit, it will not be significant, and then this is at best, at worst you will end up on a sale of used equipment.

If for you diving is more of a simple hobby than a hobby, then it is better purchase only a wetsuit, mask and fins. Everything else can be rented at the diving center.

When choosing wetsuits, pay attention to what temperature they are designed for. As a rule, they are designed for a water temperature of at least 15 degrees. These wetsuits are not suitable for use in cold water.

Diving in Egypt - questions

Where is it better to buy a diving tour: at the diving center of the hotel or from a tour operator?

Tour operators

All tour operators are licensed to conduct training, so there is a risk of being deceived is reduced to zero.

Training with tour operators is conducted by a Russian-speaking instructor.

To resolve any issue related to an excursion, you can approach a representative guide who is at the hotel every day. That is, you can postpone the scheduled trip to another date, or in case of problems, you can file a claim.

The guides do not hide the fact that you need to pay an additional amount for food on the yacht or rental equipment. If the guide forgot to notify you, you can call his manager's hotline and you will be compensated.

The duration of the excursion takes a whole day and dives are offered only on a yacht.

Tour operators always have a lot of people in a group, so you should not count on more. You will find yourself under water only a couple of times for 20 minutes.


Divers at depth

Diving centers .

Diving centers in small hotels operate mostly without a license.

On site in the diving center, you can try your hand at a free test-dive in the pool. This is necessary so that you can understand whether you need it or not.

Buying a home-dive is a house reef dive from the hotel's beach. To do this, you do not have to spend the whole day on an excursion, which is very convenient if you have a lot of excursion trips planned. Also suitable for beginners and novice divers.

In diving centers, a Russian-speaking instructor does not always teach, and English from the school curriculum will not be enough.

In a diving center, you can come across such not pleasant surprises as a surcharge. For example, when buying, diving on a yacht for one day, you may be asked to pay extra for lunch and each glass of water.

What is Beach Diveor Home Dive?

In Egypt, most of the beaches and hotels are located near beautiful coral reefs, so scuba diving on the beach can be much more fun for a novice diver than on the high seas.

Unlike a one-time diving on a yacht, Home dive will cost you twice cheaper. You will also have the opportunity to choose your own dive time. You do not have to get up early in the morning for the excursion, because tourists not only save money, but also time.

What do you need to clarify before buying a diving excursion?

& middot;   If you are fluent in English, then you can not specify about the presence of a Russian-speaking instructor or at least about an accompanying translator.

& middot;   About possible surcharges for excursions.

& middot;   The diving center has a license.

& middot;   If you have any medical conditions, then consult if you can go diving.

Where to buy diving cheaper?

Buy a cheap diving excursion in Egypt can be at street travel agencies. But at the same time, you should not rejoice at the saved funds, since the quality of the excursion can be lucky, or maybe not. The yacht may be old and not very clean. There may not be a Russian-speaking guide either, the equipment may be old, and the reef is without fish. But everything may turn out to be much better and more interesting. In general, it depends on how lucky.

What medical contraindications for diving can be?

There are many contraindications for diving. If you have a chronic disease of the cardiovascular system or a disease of the upper respiratory tract, then even immersion in water to a depth of 6-8 meters is contraindicated.

Before diving at the diving center, each tourist is given a questionnaire to fill out with confirmation of his list that he does not suffer from the diseases listed in the questionnaire. But such a questionnaire is given only after paying for the excursion, when the tourist is already on the yacht and is all in anticipation of diving. That is why it is better to ask to read the questionnaire before paying for the excursion.

At what age can you dive?

There is no clear age limit for diving. There are divers who begin to teach their children before they even started walking, or rarely, but you can find people who go in for diving who have long been retired. But, nevertheless, the main contraindications are not related to age, but to the state of health and the absence of bad habits.



How do I know if the equipment in a diving center is reliable?

Most tourists believe that the more solid and large the organization, the better their services. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Egypt. They have their own laws of logic, and therefore the beauty of the facade will not change the quality.

It is necessary to evaluate the equipment yourself. To understand whether it is new or not, one superficial glance is enough. If there are signs of rust on the metal connections of the equipment, and there are chips on the plastic parts of the equipment, then you have the right to demand that you replace it.

Night diving: pros and cons?

Night dive is a real pleasure among professional 5th drivers. Night diving is more dangerous than daytime diving. Therefore, in order to dive at night, you must have a certificate.

The most interesting underwater nightlife in the Red Sea, since during the day most predatory and poisonous fish sleep, and you can watch them only at night.

For night dives, powerful special lights are required. With their help, you can not only consider what is happening in the water,

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