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French dish - Putin

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Putin is written in French as" Poutine", the stress is on the last syllable, and it is translated from French-Canadian as a mess. Residents of modern Quebec know and love the history of Quebec and everything related to the French language, therefore Putin is considered a"national dish", despite the fact that he has a small history, because the history of Quebec is also small. Putin is very popular in Canada, especially in his homeland, Quebec.

The dish owes its appearance to the humble restaurateur Fernand Lachens. It was his establishment that was visited in 1957 by a client who was in a hurry and asked to be packed with fries and curd cheese to take away. The owner immediately warned that it would look like porridge. Surprisingly, this mush became very popular, and was a favorite dish for Lutchans himself. It was he who gave it the name"Putin", emphasizing the disorderly design. Realizing the benefits of cooking Putin as a quick meal, Lachance began to specially pack potatoes with cheese in ready-made bags and sell them to take away. This continued until 1964. The owner of the restaurant could not make up his mind to add Putin to the restaurant's menu, since the type of dish was not the most appetizing. When the dish was added to the menu, it was served with a spicy sauce prepared by the restaurateur's wife. The sauce was served separately so that the visitor could decide for himself pour sauce over his dish or dip potato pieces into it. This presentation added aesthetics to the dish. Fernand Lachens warned that the sauce should not be used by those who do not want to get better.

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In general, there are many varieties of putin. There is, for example, Italian putin, which uses spaghetti sauce and Italian curd cheese. Putin's creator used cheese that was made in Warwick, Quebec. This cheese has a reputation as the best curd cheese in Canada. The sauce began to be added later, and they took it much less than now. Although the dish is of humble origin, but at one time many articles in various magazines and newspapers were devoted to him and his creator, even whole spreads. But the sophisticated French called it a dish from the"lumberjack kitchen".

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The main component of the dish is potatoes. It must be cooked by hand, and it is not recommended to use ready-made frozen potatoes. The potatoes are cut into long strips and fried in good lard. No other fat (vegetable, butter or margarine) is suitable, as it spoils the taste of the finished dish. For the sauce, Canadians use a dark, hot barbecue sauce with a thick consistency. But the sauce is chosen according to personal tastes, therefore it can be anything. The most important ingredient is fresh white curd cheese. Canadians prefer to use the so-called Cheddar Cheese Curds, but it is very difficult to find. You can replace it with mozzarella, but this is not welcomed by Canadians. When the potatoes are ready, they are mixed with cheese and covered with hot sauce.

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