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What to see in New York

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Image Statue of Liberty
1. Times Square and Broadway. This world-famous place dazzles with its bright colors, advertisements flashing everywhere, eclipsing even natural light. From entertainment, one can note the catchy dressed residents who earn here with their bright appearance. Of course, there are many interesting shops at the service of tourists, for example M & M's Wowld, several floors of which are filled to the brim with sweets. Of course, it does not do without all kinds of restaurants and cafes.
2. Central Park. Probably, the most famous park in the world - this crazy-sized and incredibly beautiful green island crashed into the very heart of New York. For city residents, jogging in this park is a whole way of life. He, like many other sights of this city, has repeatedly appeared in Hollywood blockbusters.
3. Empire State Building. Having conquered this majestic structure, you can see the whole of Manhattan from a bird's eye view with your own eyes - an impressive sight, breathtaking. Central Park, Liberty Tower, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. All this splendor against the backdrop of numerous skyscrapers. In the same building on the ground floor, you can sit in a Starbucks cafe or Heartland Brewery, and over a cup of coffee to digest the impressions. There is also a tasty meal here.
Image Times Square
4. Station Grand Central. This place serves not only as a train station, but also as one of the attractions of New York. It is located in the city center, and the trains are hidden underground.
5. Taxi Yellow Cab. Yellow taxis are one of the hallmarks of New York, the city is strongly associated with this transport. You must take a ride in one of the taxis to feel like a hero of some Hollywood movie. The drivers are friendly, they will easily blab you, fulfill any of your whims from the category of"follow that car" or" eat dishes of national cuisines at very modest prices and take a walk. Crossing the border of such a quarter, you find yourself in a different country.
Image New York Taxi
8. The Brooklyn Bridge. It is difficult to overestimate such an opportunity to enjoy the views of Manhattan from one of the most famous bridges on our planet. The bridge amazes with its majestic views. Everyone has probably seen him at least once in his life in one of the Hollywood films.
9. Statue of Liberty. A symbol of New York and the whole of America, this impressive monument can be viewed both up close and by visiting a boat trip,

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Topic: What to see in New York.What to see in New York

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