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Fifth Avenue description and photos - USA: New York

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Fifth Avenue description and photos - USA: New York

Fifth Avenue description and photos - USA: New York. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Fifth Avenue.

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Fifth Avenue is an important city artery in New York, one of the most famous and expensive streets in the world. It begins at Washington Square Park in Lower Manhattan and crosses the island from south to north, ending at Harlem River, at 142nd Street. Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan into two parts - West and East. This circumstance was used for convenient numbering of houses: on "horizontal" streets, it starts from Fifth Avenue in both directions, east and west. Thus, on any "horizontal" street there are two houses # 1 - West (on the map to the left of the Fifth) and East (to the right). The numbers increase from Fifth.

In any case, a tourist exploring Manhattan cannot avoid Fifth Avenue. Like Broadway, it is everywhere, and everything is on it. It features the white Gothic spiers of St. Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, the famous Atlanta statue opposite the Rockefeller Center, and the monumental New York Public Library building. There are also world-famous skyscrapers - Empire State Building, Flatiron Building ("Iron"), "Fifth Avenue, 500", and historical buildings - Elizabeth Arden Building, Goram Building, Rizzoli Building, the former residence of George Vanderbilt, the Plaza Hotel ...

But here, on Fifth Avenue, Central Park also goes, this oasis of peace and silence in the middle of the "stone jungle" of New York. You can hide in its greenery, relax by the lake or watch the animals in the zoo and return to the Fifth again. Here, near the Central Park, the museum mile just begins - the Fifth section between 82nd and 105th streets, densely "studded" with museums. There are ten of them here, including the famous Metropolitan, Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Jewish, New Gallery.

If a tourist comes for expensive purchases - Fifth Avenue will not fail here. Boutiques with goods of the most famous brands are concentrated on this street - Armani, Gucci, De Beers, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Chu, Prada, Versace, Swarovski, as well as the very popular Apple computer store and the huge Schwartz toy department store (both are located in the General -Motors Building). For the thirsty spectacles, parades are held here several times a year (the oldest of them is the annual parade in honor of St. Patrick's Day, during which the street is filled with hundreds of thousands of people in green).

Whatever the tourist wishes, whatever he was not interested - here on amazing Fifth Avenue, he will definitely find it.

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Topic: Fifth Avenue description and photos - USA: New York.Fifth Avenue description and photos - USA: New York

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