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Where to relax in Germany?

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Image In Bremen Square

Germany is incredible a multifaceted country, and it is impossible to answer unequivocally the question of where to rest in it. It depends on your preferences: sandy beaches, forests and lakes, medieval villages or modern megacities? But first things first.

Northern Germany is represented by the coast of the North and Baltic seas. It is not difficult to guess that those wishing to lie on the beach will find themselves here - excellent resorts with white sand and seaports are waiting for romantics in their arms. Among the favorites can be noted the city of Bremen - the second largest port in Germany. What does he have to offer? Well, first of all, the imposing town hall, the statue of the Knight Roland, all kinds of museums and art galleries. Shoppers will not be deprived, and for the thrill you can go to the Space Center, where you will be made into an astronaut using very realistic simulators.

Image Berlin at night

Of course you can't get around attention Berlin. This is one of the most beautiful world capitals, probably the best place to start your trip to Germany. Rich history, vibrant nightlife, amazing architecture and interesting culture are some of the few aspects of a Berlin holiday. Street musicians and artists will certainly brighten up your walk around the city, and chances are high that you will stumble upon some kind of marijuana legalization demonstration.

Image Brandenburg Gate

South of Germany is primarily the Alps. Freiburg can be recommended from settlements - it best reflects the spirit of the region, there is a charming atmosphere of the Middle Ages, created by a church of those times, wooden houses, a majestic cathedral and Gothic architecture. Of course, the entertainment program is not too rich, but connoisseurs of beautiful landscapes and forest walks will be satisfied.

Image Neuschwanstein Castle

The capital of Bavaria is Munich Is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here you will find museums of science and industry, the Marienplatz square with the old Town Hall and the world famous Oktoberfest beer festival.

If you are looking for a holiday among the snow-covered mountain slopes, then it is difficult to advise a better place than the ski resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is very convenient to get to it from Munich. The highlight of the trip will be the picturesque Konigssee lake.

Image Marienplatz, Munich

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Topic: Where to relax in Germany?.Where to relax in Germany?

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