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Where to relax with a child in France

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Many people dream of visiting France, I especially want to take children there. Traveling with children always involves certain responsibilities. It is necessary to think over the food for children, choose a hotel for accommodation and draw up an action plan.

There are no problems with food in France. Most stores and supermarkets have a wide variety of baby food, juices and various milk formulas. For babies, you can find everything you need, from hygiene products to toys. The hotels can offer children croissants and freshly squeezed juice. And in restaurants on the menu you can always find dishes, which are suitable for feeding children. In France, they always go to meet the client and try to satisfy all the wishes. In addition, discounts apply to baby food.

Image Baby food is varied in France

a hotel where you will stay with children, you should choose an area away from entertainment establishments, clubs and cabarets, preferably a more prestigious area in order to avoid strikes or troubles in an area inhabited by disadvantaged people.

A good place for families with children is the paradise coastline, which stretches along Nice and the Principality of Monaco. The Cote d'Azur gives the gentle sun, velvet sea, golden sand and many new experiences. Monaco combines tradition, elegance and luxury, and Cannes is shrouded in the spirit of cinema, everything here breathes the atmosphere of famous films and movie stars. Since the past, Nice has been a resting place for representatives of the upper class of Russian society. All these resorts are interesting for both children and adults, moreover, they have modern entertainment that makes it possible to have fun.

Image Nice Cote d'Azur

The main attraction France for children is Disneyland Paris, which is located in Marne-la-Valais. Its territory consists of two large sectors, each of which requires its own ticket to visit. The first part is the heart of Disneyland. Here are the main attractions, attractions and scenery. The territory consists of five zones, which have their own individual style and adventure. The second part of Disneyland is Walt Disney, here you can imagine yourself as a cartoon character caught in a fairy tale. Here you can ride a huge steamer on a real lake and explore the whole wonderful country on a small train specially designed for parents and children.

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Available in France another amusement park, dedicated to Asterix, which welcomes young travelers all year round. The park is filled with a friendly atmosphere, where you can meet your favorite characters from the films. It offers visitors a variety of attractions, an ice rink, and circus performances are constantly held. There is a cafe on the territory where you can drink hot chocolate and mulled wine, and in the souvenir shop you can buy a toy you like in a souvenir shop as a souvenir of your visit to the park. The park consists of five thematic zones:"Gallic Village","Ancient Greece","Roman Empire","Medieval France" and a zone dedicated to the Vikings. In the area of "Ancient Greece" you can visit the Dolphinarium"Theater of Poseidon".

Image In the park"Asterix"

The famous Marineland water park is located 20 km from Nice in Antibach. The main attraction of the park is a huge pool, which is home to formidable killer whales, predatory sharks, exotic colorful fish and phlegmatic jellyfish. There is a glass tunnel under the pool, passing through which one gets the impression of walking on the seabed. The water park hosts performances with orcas, dolphins, and fur seals.

Image Killer whales at the Marineland Water Park

Not far from Saint-Tropez is Frejus, a unique safari park. The park covers an area of 20 hectares, covered with Mediterranean plants. In the spacious open-air cages of the park, there are about 130 species of animals, birds and fish from all over the world. Visitors can move around the park by car, stopping near lakes and aviaries.

Image Lions in the safari park

Interesting visit the magnificent park of exotic plants, which is the Phoenix Botanical Park, which is located in Nice. Here you can see amazing landscapes from different parts of our planet. In addition, children can have fun at the children's mini-attractions and playgrounds.

Monaco is home to the famous Museum of Oceanography, created by the great traveler and scientist Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Prince Albert the First initiated this construction. The museum's management has created natural conditions for the animals to feel at home. There are 6000 representatives of the deep sea here.

Image At the Museum of Oceanography, Monaco

Arriving to France with children, it is impossible not to visit the Museum of the Doll. In it you can see large and very small porcelain dolls, which were collected for a long time by collectors Sami and his father Guido. In the Museum, you can observe the entire history of the creation of dolls, see the periods of changes in toys, how clothes and facial features changed. The exhibition occupies seven halls with about two thousand dolls. The museum has a workshop that can repair any toy or make a custom-made doll.

Image In the Doll Museum

children are encouraged to visit the mechanical zoo. Huge mechanical animals are collected here, thanks to the daily work of those who design and assemble new robotic animals. The weight of one elephant alone is about 48 tons. He shocks others when he starts to move.


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